Sanders Family Dental article from Chicago dental journal about tooth grindingTooth Grinding

This article was taken from the local Chicago dental journal from 2010.  It has some suggestions for helping to relieve the stress which causes clenching and grinding.

The current economic stresses of everyday life are showing up on the health of our teeth. There are a lot of individuals due to current economic stress that are clenching or grinding their teeth grinding during the day. This clenching and grinding of teeth is also being done at night. This is doing a lot of damage to the teeth and supporting tooth structures. We highly recommend that if this is done during the day, the patient make a conscious effort to stop this habit of clenching and grinding. If the clenching and grinding is at night (Bruxism), then this habit is much harder to control. Our office can construct a nightguard appliance to help prevent the damage done by Bruxism (see Smile Gallery). This grinding at night can cause pain in and around the ear and jaw muscles noticed upon wakening. It also causes cracked teeth, makes gum disease worse, and causes excessive wear of the teeth. Please let us know if you are having any of these symptoms.